Calibre 2.16.0

Calibre 2.16.0 released with snippets support

Calibre 2.16.0 had just been released and this release comes with some improvements, new features, including bug fixes. Noticeable changes includes added support for snippets — small pieces of text that are often re-used. You can now create your own snippets and insert them into the text with only a few keystrokes. The snippets include support for placeholders that you can jump between. Calibre 2.16.0 changelog Edit Book: When importing files and the book has an orphaned entry in the manifest for that file, but the file itself is not present, rename the file instead of erroring out Book Details panel: Fix author links with URL schemes other than http or file preventing context menu from working PDF Output: Make the minimum height for headers and footers scale with the base font size Fix a typo that prevented the Cybook Muse from being detected on some computers Fix regression in 2.