Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.626.8 released – URL field enhancements and a small update

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.626.8 the latest snapshot release clears up a bunch of issues, with a particular focus on the URL field, Improve results update in drop down and many other small update. Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.626.8 Changelog [Windows] UAC dialog appears backgrounded sometimes during upgrade (VB-21383) [Regression] Folder selection doesn’t work in Add Bookmark dialog (VB-21844) [Regression][Notes] URL from previous note displayed in note without URL (VB-21714) [Search field] Improve results update in drop down [Spatnav] Can skip links that should be focussed (VB-21273) [Speed Dial] Crash while adding pinterest.

Vivaldi 1.4 released with richer customization and themes scheduling

Vivaldi 1.4 had just been released and this release comes with richer customization and lets you take charge of scheduling themes along with improved web panels. The theme scheduling gives you the power to set your favorite theme to your preferred time like no other browser has ever done. Vivaldi 1.4 Changelog [New feature] [Themes] Theme change scheduling (VB-20445) [New feature][Trash] Let middle-click on Trash icon restore recently closed tab (VB-20624) [Regression] [Mac] Escaping fullscreen crashes vivaldi (VB-20886) [Regression] History entry in URL dropdown cannot be deleted (VB-21017) [Regression] Can’t delete history on search box if the entry is too long (VB-16086) [Regression] Vivaldi crashes when denying web notifications after leaving the website (VB-20855) [Regression] Tab not displayed on tab Trash list if closed on Speed Dial (VB-10032) [Fixed] Bookmark bar folder is not removed from toolbar when deleted (VB-20804) [Fixed] Bookmark added twice after confirming with Enter (VB-15345) [Fixed] Add Scots Gaelic to installer and settings (VB-20992) [Fixed] Resizing panels pushes right-placed tabs (VB-20839) [Fixed] Search in notes does not look into URL field (VB-16919) [Fixed] Drop URLs on Tab Bar or individual tabs (VB-1369) [Fixed] Auto-update fails with non-ASCII character in user name (VB-20771) See changelog for full release details Install Vivaldi 1.

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.403.17 comes with further fixes to saved sessions

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.403.17 recently released, comes with the latest fixes. According to the developers website “For sessions, we have added the missing delete button, fixed the problem with sessions of the same name and added in menu items for Mac. In addition the changelog includes fixes for some of our most frequently reported bugs”. These changes fix a wider range of things than their titles might suggest, so give them a test and let us know if any of your worst issues are now resolved.