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Audacious 3.7.1 – Advanced Audio Player released

Audacious 3.7.1 recently released, is one of the best lightweight music player – is an advanced, feature rich music player for GNOME using GTK 3 interface. Its got a clean interface, with support for real-time audio effects, visualization, equalizer, lyrics and other plugins, themes (including Winamp Classic style), powerful configuration options and multiple playlists organized in tabs. Enjoy the modern GTK-themed interface or change things up with Winamp Classic skins. Use the plugins included with Audacious to fetch lyrics for your music, to set an alarm in the morning, and more.

Install Qtractor 0.6.2 Player on Ubuntu 14.04

Qtractor is a free, open-source Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt4 framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio, and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI, are the main infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio. Key Features Multi-track audio and MIDI sequencing and recording Developed on pure Qt4 C++ application framework Audio file formats support: OGG (via libvorbis), MP3 (via libmad, playback only), WAV, FLAC, AIFF and many, many more (via libsndfile) Non-destructive, non-linear editing Unlimited number of tracks per session/project XML encoded session/project description files (SDI) Point-and-click, multi-select, drag-and-drop interaction (drag, move, drop, cut, copy, paste, paste-repeat, delete, split, merge) Built-in mixer and monitor controls LADSPA, DSSI, native VSTi and LV2 plug-in support Unlimited number of plug-ins per track or bus Plug-in presets, programs and chunk/configurations support Unlimited audio effect send/return inserts per track or bus Audio/MIDI clip gain/volume, normalize, export Audio/MIDI track and plugin parameter automation (dynamic curves, sample&hold, linear and spline modes) MIDI clip editor (matrix/piano roll) MIDI controller mapping/learn/assignment (mixer and plug-in parameters) MIDI Song Position cueing support Install Qtractor 0.

Install JRiver Media Center 20.0.7 on Ubuntu 14.04

JRiver Media Center is a software that helps you collect, organize and play media files. JRiver Media Center offers the highest quality video available, plays everything, without any setup required and is the premier audio solution, whether you demand audiophile quality, or you want fast access to a half million files. Key Features Copy music from MEDIA CENTER to a portable digital audio player or move digital camera photos into MC’s powerful image library Make a CD of music for your car Record your favorite shows and watch them on your TV Play different music simultaneously in different rooms MC’s Media Server can even stream your music to your PC at work Support for Canon and Kodak cameras and others that use the WIA interface.

Install aTunes in Ubuntu 14.04

aTunes is a full-featured audio player and organizer. aTunes supports mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4, m4a, ra, rm, cue files and allows users to edit tags, organize music and rip audio cds easily. aTunes includes a cd ripper tool, using cdda2wav, lame, flac and oggenc. The latest version 3.1.x series comes with lots of new features and bug fixes Features Store metadata for all kind of files, even if it does not support an internal tag New option to show a navigation table filter New option to hide navigation tree and use only navigation table to select elements Can store ratings both in files and in an external database to not modify files Faster podcast download New playlist option to stop playback after the current track New options to load / save play list replacing play list or creating a new one Bug Fixes NPE updating tag in properties file check audio object exists not controlling null references Errors when dragging columns Problem creating folders when ripping CDs in Windows Removed next and previous buttons when editing tags Install aTunes 3.

Install Rhythmbox 3.0.3 in Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10, Linux Mint

Rhythmbox is an easy to use music management program. It supports playlist creation, a wide range of audio formats (including mp3 and ogg), iPod integration, audio CD playback and burning, podcasts, internet radio, and music sharing. Rhythmbox 3.0.3 has just been recently released, bringing a number of bug fixes. Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 3.0.3 Assorted bug fixes Embedded cover art no longer applied to following tracks Bugs fixed “not enough space on the device” error when syncing (transcoding) flac files to removable device upnp browsing problems with new grilo 0.