Apache Directory Server

Install Apache Directory Server 2.0.0-M16 in Ubuntu 14.04

The Apache Directory team has just announced the release of ApacheDS 2.0.0-M16, the sixteenth milestone towards a 2.0 version. ApacheDS is an extensible and embeddable directory server entirely written in Java, which has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. Besides LDAP it supports Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has been designed to introduce triggers, stored procedures, queues and views to the world of LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.

Apache Directory Server Release Note

Release Note for Apache Directory ApacheDS 2.0.0-M16 Bugs org.apache.directory.server.dns.store.RecordStore not support ordered multiple resource record answers Server tools dump command broken due to use of old paths Modifying the schema with more than one mod may fail Providing a right fix for DIRSERVER-1459 Unable to use external keystore for SSL Test case org.apache.directory.server.replication.ClientServerReplicationIT.testModDn() fails permanently Sporadic failure on CollectivAttributeServiceIT java.