Wireshark 2.0.1 – Open-Source Network Protocol Analyzer released

Wireshark 2.0.1 recently released, is a free, open source packet analyzer used for network troubleshooting, monitoring, analysis, software and communications protocol development. The latest release Wireshark 2.0.1 comes with many vulnerabilities fixes and bugs fixes. Wireshark 2.0.1 changelog Zooming out (Ctrl+-) too far crashes Wireshark IPv6 Mobility Header Link-Layer Address Mobility Option is parsed incorrectly About → Plugins should be a scrollable Profile change leaves prior profile residue Wireshark crashes when using the VoIP player Incorrect presentation of Ascend-Data-Filter (RADIUS attribute 242) Not possible to stop a capture with invalid filter “No interface selected” when having a valid capture filter Malformed packet with IPv6 mobility header Wireshark crashes dissecting Profinet NRT (DCE-RPC) packet All fields in the packet detail pane of a “new packet” window are expanded by default Malformed packets with SET_CUR in the USBVIDEO (UVC) decoding Display filters arranges columns incorrectly Scrolling and navigating using the trackpad on Mac OS X could be much better Lua Proto() does not validate arguments Pointers to deallocated memory when redissecting Suggestion for re-phrasing the TCP Window Full message Wireshark Portable is not starting (no messages at all) IPv6 RPL Routing Header with length of 8 bytes still reads an address See changelog for full release details Install Wireshark 2.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Best Practice Analyzer

Microsoft had released an amazing tool that would analyze your SQL installation and produce report detailing some of the settings that don’t meet Microsoft recommendation or would say Best Practice. I must say this tool is quite useful and could help you as DBA administrator identify some loopholes and resolve but note that not all settings may be applicable in your environment. Functions: The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) tool performs the following functions: – Gathers information about a Server and a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2 instance installed on that Server