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Manjaro Linux: Update brings Linux Kernel 4.5.8-2

Manjaro Linux operating system updated yesterday, and the update was just announced. For those that don’t know about this OS, the Manjaro distribution is based on Arch Linux and it’s goal is to make things easier for the non-experienced Linux user. The Manjaro installation is simple and it can be done with 2 different ways, one via GUI and one via terminal.     In general Manjaro linux is good for your attention, and it brings a lot of promises for the future.

Install Bugzilla On Ubuntu Linux

In this article we can see a guide on how to install Bugzilla on Ubuntu Linux. Bugzilla is a free help desk software. You can’t rate bugs according to importance or color code them. But that lack of features also means a clean, simple, easy-to-use interface. It does have some advanced features, such as advanced search which can remember your searches, and editable user profiles. Email preferences and bug permissions are comprehensive.

How to Install Mattermost with PostgreSQL and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

A tutorial on how to install Mattermost with PostgreSQL and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. Mattermost is an open source messaging system written in the programming languages Golang and React. It’s a slack alternative, we can build our own messaging service like slack or hipchat with it. Mattermost brings your team communication to a single place and makes it accessible anywhere. You can access it from your desktop, Android device, and iPhone.

Unity 8 preview session in Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak has landed and brings with it the Unity 8 technical preview desktop session. Unity 8 has been the face of the Ubuntu phone and tablet for a few years and has quickly evolved its convergence feature set to allow it to work seamlessly between form factors such as phones, tablets and desktops. You can now chose to log in to a Unity 8 session directly from the greeter.

Install LAMP server on Linux(Ubuntu)

In this tutorial we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide, on how to install LAMP server on Ubuntu. For those who don’t quite understand what a LAMP server is you can check here. Supposedly you should be sure that you understand also how to create a website from back end, and also you should know how to install a software by using either the Software Center either the Terminal.

Repair Restore or Reinstall Grub 2 with Ubuntu CD or USB

In this article we’ll show you how to repair restore or reinstall Grub 2 with Ubuntu CD or USB. Grub 2 usually gets overridden when you install another OS. In order to make Ubuntu to control the boot process you’re going to need to Reinstall Grub using and Ubuntu live CD.         Warning: By using the “sudo” commant, especially form a live CD you can seriously harm your system.

Skype Alpha 1.11 released with improvements in Video Call

Recently Skype released an update to the Skype for Linux Alpha client. It includes many new features and improvements compared to the previous version as they say, but that is not necessarily true or exact !     Now you can have support for setting an avatar in group chats and there are also some performance improvements during a video call. Some of the early users mentioned that they have already experienced issues, by receiving notifications when skype isn’t in focus.

Fedora 25(Beta) resets Linux performance bar

Fedora 25 beta version released this month by Red Hat. This release gives more to cloud and developer features which makes this Linux distribution more attractive to enterprise users. Fedora Linux is the version of Enterprise Linux(RHEL), and it includes a set of base packages that form the basic foundation of: Cloud, Server and Workstation. Each one of those targets a different group of users.     Fedora 25 Targeted Users So Fedora 25 release is most likely for enterprise users.

Released: Lumina Desktop 1.1

This weekend, a new version of Lumina got released, Lumina Desktop 1.1 . Lumina is a lightweight Qt-based desktop environment. It uses an approach “plugin based” to the whole interface, and this is allowing the user to tune and tweak the desktop according to his personal needs and preferences. You can install it in almost any Linux distribution even though the developer says that it works best with TrueOS, including also Fedora, Arch and ofcourse Ubuntu.

How to have Netflix on Firefox for Linux

If you’re a Firefox user if you run Netflix in the Mozilla browser now, you’ll see the old Silverlight error page. But there is a solution. For a reason , Netflix expects Silverlight when a user is running firefox.   There is a simple solution on this. The only think you have to do is trick Netflix into thinking you are running something like Chrome and you can do it by changing the browser user-agent.