Unity’s keyboard and mouse shortcuts

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Below we will see a documentation of Unity’s keyboard and mouse shortcuts. If you are unfamiliar with “meta”,”super” and “hyper” keys check the link below.

What are the meta, super, and hyper keys?

What is Unity?

Unity is an environment that integrates your applications, it is designed for mouse, keyboard and touchpad use.It also includes an application launcher that u can use to store your preferred applications and make it easy and fast for you to run them. If you want to read the official documentation of Unity just follow this link.

Keyboard Shortcuts.


  • Press and hold “Super” and then press “1” “2”  “3” and so on until “0” key to open or active an application.

The number that you press is relevant with the position of the icon on the launcher from top to bottom. By adding “Shift” will open a new instance of the application you need to open

  • By pressing “Super” and “T” together you open the bin/trash can.
  • “Alt” together with “F1” will put focus on the Launcher, where you can navigate with keyboard arrows and launch an application by pressing Enter key.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” and “T” combination can launch a terminal window.


  • By pressing “Alt” key it opens the HUD
  • By holding “Alt” key reveals the application menu.
  • You can open the Dash by tapping the “Super” key.

These was some of the most commonly used shortcuts but you can also see a complete list of Unity’s keyboard and mouse shortcuts on the image below.

Unity's keyboard and mouse shortcuts

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