Reset administrator password on Ubuntu

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Are you working on a Ubuntu system and you have lost/ Forgotten your administrator password? Keep reading for a guide on how to reset administrator password on Ubuntu.

In Ubuntu the first user account by default is an administrator account, so when you open the computer it will ask you for a password. In the case that you forget or lost your account’s password you must reset it by booting into recovery mode.

Start up your computer and when you see the BIOS screen press and hold down the left “Shift” key.

You will see something like this :

reset administrator password on ubuntu

By using your keyboard’s arrow keys go to the entry that say recovery mode and press enter.

If you done it correctly you will see an other menu named Recovery Menu. Just use your arrow keys again and highlight Root option and press Enter key.

Now you should have a root prompt that is waiting for your import. Type this command to remount the filesystem with write permissions:

mount -o rw,remount /

What its all done we can set the new password for the administrator user with the passwd command:

root@ubuntu:~# passwd Rootuser

(Where Rootuser is the username of the administrator user that you need to change the password)

Enter the new password for this user twice to confirm it and you will see a success message saying:

passwd: password updated successfully

At the end reboot your computer and the user can now login with the new password.

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