Fastest lightweight Linux distro

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Fastest Lightweight Linux Distro

There are some Linux Distros accessible in the market that offers superior performance and easy installation. Some people typically get confused while choosing the fastest and lightweight distro for their computer/laptop. The best lightweight Linux operating system till date is the Elive Linux. It is a lightweight operating system with powerful specifications and features. Here we will discuss in detail regarding various Fastest Linux distro.

Fastest Linux Distro

Fastest Linux distro

Elive Linux vs. Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the stable versions of Linux that is being used globally. Ubuntu is well known for its ease of access and stability that has attracted millions of users worldwide. Moreover, the operating system is easy to install and the booting time as compared to other Linux versions is less. According to some users, Ubuntu is the best lightweight Linux distro, that gives an outstanding performance. But, when we talk about the Elive Linux, we have seen tremendous updates that have made the Linux Elive the fastest operating system as compared to Ubuntu and any other Linux OS.

Ubuntu is preferred for a non-commercial use and mainly used by beginners.


Here are some of the features of Elive Linux that Ubuntu lacks:

Multiple Language Support

Elive Linux has a support of multiple languages that makes it a user-friendly operating system. On the other hand, Ubuntu does feature multiple language support, but you have to install languages manually. Manual installation of various languages is a hectic task and may require a lot of time.  Moreover, the Elive Linux automatically detects language and time zone through your IP. This is an amazing feature ever introduced in any of the open source operating system.


Driver Compatibility and Wireless Device Support

Most of the Linux operating system does not provide basic support for various wireless devices that can be connected to the system. The same goes in case of Ubuntu! Ubuntu also offers a limited driver compatibility and wireless device support. On the other hand, Elive Linux is the Fastest Linux distro that offers an excellent driver compatibility and wireless device support for various wireless devices. It is the most admired open source operating system that is capable of delivering outstanding performance.


Better Video Performance

The latest version of Elive Linux provides stupendous video performance. It is almost double than any other Linux version. The OS is built in such a way that it offers high-definition graphics support and delivers wonderful video experience.

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