How to install dropbox on openSUSE

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  • 1 month ago
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For everyone that Dropbox is still the solution for Cloud File Hosting/Sharing lets see how easy it is to install Dropbox on openSUSE leap 42.2.

Lets say here that Dropbox isn’t an open source software but it only uses open software licences.With Dropbox you can save any kind of file from photos, videos, and music to Office and Adobe files. You can also sync files across all your devices, whether you use a PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, or Windows Phone.Your files are available on your computer even when you’re offline, so you can work from anywhere.

Install dropbox on openSUSE leap 42.2

Open a terminal and write the command :

sudo zypper in dropbox

When the installation finished run this command :

dropbox start -i

Then you will see a window like the picture below:


Just by pressing OK the last version of Dropbox will immediately starts to download.

As soon as the download completes you will see the setup window of Dropbox asking you to add your username and password so you can link your computer with your Dropbox account.

That was it! As soon as you enter your login information you are ready to edit your Dropbox files from your openSUSE computer.

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