Install KeePass on Ubuntu Linux

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In this article, we’re going to show you how to Install KeePass on Ubuntu. KeyPass is a free, open source, lightweight, available on all platforms Password Manager. Actually KeyPass is one of the best password Managers and that’s because it’s one of the safer ones. It mainly saves the database locally, not in the cloud. Se how to install KeePass on Ubuntu Linux, and Linux Mint. KeePass is a really useful application that has security as it’s first priority. Most of us need to remember a lot of passwords and they supposed not to be easy to guess, which makes it more difficult to remember.


Install KeePass on Ubuntu Linux and Mint



KeePass is popular enough, so you can found it in software center in both Ubuntu and Mint(software administration).

Install KeePass on Ubuntu Linux


Incase we install it via those official channels we’ll not have always the updated version, so lets see how we can always have KeePass up to date.


Add repository

For the last version of KeePass we’ll need to add the repository. So we first need to open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following command:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jtaylor/keepass -y

Just a reminder in case you’re new to Linux. When we use the “sudo” command and we get asked for our password, you’ll not see anything while typing. Not even stars, or dots or anything. We just type the password and continue. – For more info about Linux Commands you can visit this article called: Linux Commands list for beginners.

After we add the repository we update with the following command:

sudo apt-get update


KeePass Installation

After the update is done and we don’t have any error message, we type the following order for KeePass to install:

sudo apt-get install keepass2 -y

After installation is done you can find KeePass to menu. In Ubuntu you’ll need to search for it in dash.


Install KeePass on Ubuntu Linux



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  • Also, is worth mentioning David Lechner’s PPA to easily solve the problem with plugins and browser integration:

    Is the main site of this small repository. In it one can find indicator integration for Plasma, Unity and other desktops as well as KeeFox plugin for Firefox integration and KeePassHttp for Chromium and Opera.

    As can be found in the description of the packages, the right packages for installing each tool is:

    keepass2-plugin-keeagent –> SSH agent plugin for KeePass 2.x.
    keepass2-plugin-rpc –> Remote Procedure Call (RPC) plugin for KeePass 2.x (AKA KeeFox library of sorts).
    xul-ext-keebird –> Extension for Thunderbird that connects to KeePass 2.x Password Safe.
    xul-ext-keefox –> Extension for Firefox that connects to KeePass 2.x Password Safe.
    keepass2-plugin-keepasshttp –> KeePass 2.x plugin to expose password entries securely over HTTP.

    And for the indicator is better to read the Github’s how to.