Install Chrome on Ubuntu and Mint(step by step)

In this article we’re see how to install Chrome on Ubuntu and Mint. Google Chrome is one popular internet browser developed by Google. The most popular Linux Distros have pre-installed Mozilla Firefox. While it’s definitely a good browser, many users don’t want to change Google Chrome.  In this tutorial we’ll see how to install Chrome on Ubuntu and the same applies for Lubuntu and Mint Linux. Also we’ll see how to install Chromium.


Install Chrome on Ubuntu

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chromium?

Those who have not been familiar with Linux if we try to install Google Chrome via software center the only result we get is the Chromium Internet Browser. Chromium seems to have the same icon with Chrome but in different colors. Someone would believe that Chromium is just a cheap copy of the popular Chrome browser but that is not the truth. In reality, Google Chrome is based on Chromium. Chrome includes some pieces of closed code, for example Flash, PDF Reader, codecs support etc. While Chromium doesn’t have those features and we need to install the separately. To see the the differences in detail read the article Chrome Vs Chromium.


Install Chrome on Ubuntu/Lubuntu

For the installation of Google Chrome in Ubuntu we need to press ctrl+alt+t at the same time to open a new terminal window. Next we type the command

As always Linux Commands are case sensitive so pay attention to the lower case and uppercase letters. Which means that you have to type the above command exactly as you see it. The symbol “|” between and sudo apt-key, you’ll find it by pressing “shift” and the key above Enter. Since we’ve typed the command exactly, and then we type our accounts password(note: you’ll not see asterisks or anything as you type the password. The results will be just and “ok”).

Next we type the command below to add the repository of Google Chrome in our system.

If this is done correctly, and not much time has passed since we typed our password, the command will be executed immediately without any message of approval. Then we run the command:

For our system to get updated for the content of the new repository we just added. Last but not least, to complete the installation we just need to type the command:

As soon as the procedure is complete, depending of our internet connection speed, Chrome is installed. The procedure will work with the same way in Lubuntu and a lot more Linux Distros based on Ubuntu like Linux Mint. The first time we’ll try to run Chrome, it will ask if we want it to be our preferred browser and if we want it to send  statistics and crash reports to Google. There you just choose whatever you prefer, you click OK and you’re read. Then you can connect Chrome with your Google account exactly as you would do in Windows.

Alternatively you can watch this video on How to install Chrome in Ubuntu Linux




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