Linux Games – Is it time to try them out?

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Linux games started as an extension of Unix games and later evolved to introduce its titles in various genres like racing games, sports games, trading card games, and much more. As the Linux operation system grew by each passing year, open source and free games increased in scalability and complexity. Linux gaming platform began in 1994 with the introduction of Doom by Dave D. Talyor and today there are high-end games like Dirt Rally, Rocket League, and much more.



The 90s was an era of pop songs, Disney Renaissance period, and Pokemon cards, but what it was not famous for was Linux games. After the release of Doom, many unsupported executables of Quake 4 and Doom 3 were launched, which you can run on Linux after purchasing the Windows version.

Back in the time, Wine and CodeWeavers CrossOver were the two biggest hopes for Linux gamers. Wine would enable the Windows games to run on Linux but resulted in performance loss and annoying bugs.

Then there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as during the end of the 90s, Loki Software launched and encouraged game developers to port to Linux. This platform gave Linux games like Civilization: Call to Power, which was a big deal for Linux gamers at that time. Soon Ryan Gordon, one of the members who worked for Loki Software became Linux gaming sensation by porting high-profile games like Goat Simulator and Psychonauts, and much more. Even today he is carrying on the great work of giving Linux gamers some kind of cool games to play.

Later, LGP Company took on the job of porting games to Linux but soon was burnout due to their high prices of bargain games. Today, Aspyr Media and Feral Interactive are the major companies filling this gap for Linux gamers.


As Loki and LGP bid their goodbye to the Linux games, until the year of 2008, no one was much interested in launching or even porting their games to this operation system. In 2009, an Open Source RTS game, which also used SDL (a Loki Software production) was launched and became a huge sensation among the Linux gamers.  In 2010, Indie games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent were released and gave Linux gamers hope of getting the best first person experience of a horror game.

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