How to Install Ubuntu Studio

How to Install Ubuntu Studio.

Ubuntu Studio is Linux Community’s biggest addition to Linux Operating System and its multimedia applications. This software is dedicated to video and audio editing, along with thousands of other free applications that are available with its package. This multimedia app is used by millions around the globe for editing and publishing their audios and videos, with minimum hardware requirements and cost. It is available in four different languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Over many years, developers of Linux community contributed in the creation of Advanced Packaging Tool, which helped in the making of Ubuntu Studio.

Ubuntu Studio can handle all the audio operations like sounds of the desktop on your Linux operating system. It gives you access to free applications that will help you edit your photography, or your home video without any requirement of a heavy machine and spending big bucks – that’s the charm of Linux, it’s open-source and free. You can also read and edit the open source code of Ubuntu Studio, which makes it a favorite learning hub for young developers.


System Requirements to Install Ubuntu Studio


Before initiating the install of Ubuntu Studio, you have to check certain system requirements of your machine. Your system should have a minimum of 1GB RAM, but a 4GB RAM machine is highly recommended. You disk space should have a minimum of 10GB space before the start of installation. Apart from these requirements, to install Ubuntu Studio, you don’t need any other high-end configuration like the graphic card and so on. It gives everyone the opportunity of using this fantastic, free application on their machines, even when they have old computers with fewer configurations.


Different Ways to Install Ubuntu Studio


There are many ways to install Ubuntu Studio, regardless of its version and performance. Linux offers some of the best and most interesting options that are not only free but are a collective result of many, great Linux community developers. It means that Ubuntu Studio continually updates with new features and applications, unlike other applications that have reached their full potential.


Here are the ways to install Ubuntu Studio:


As Ubuntu Studio ISO is a live image, you can directly boot it and use it for all default applications without having to actually install it! Simply burn your DVD or USB stick and enjoy the benefits of Ubuntu Studio.




Follow these steps to install Ubuntu Studio by booting with DVD:


  • Download image from the DVD.
  • Burn the image to the DVD by using your favorite software. You can find more information on burning to DVD with ease on Linux community.
  • Set your BIOS to boot from DVD.
  • Boot from your newly burned DVD and follow the instructions of the given below:


  • Select install Ubuntu Studio


  • Choose your language


  • Select your location


  • Let the installer detect your keyboard layout by pressing some keys randomly.



  • Based on the keys that you press, installer will detect your keyboard layout.



  • Then the installer will check installation CD and your hardware, to configure the network.
  • Accept the default hostname
  • Partition your hard disk.
  • Select the partition disk


  • Select yes to write changes to the disk
  • Now, your new partitions will be created and formatted


  • You can now configure your system’s clock


  • Create your user account that will be used to access your Ubuntu Studio desktop


  • Pick username


  • Write password


  • Re-enter password to confirm



  • Now your base system is installing



  • Package manager apt will get configured, automatically.


  • The installation of software starts



  • Here, you can pick which Software Installation you want to install.


  • The installation will continue

** **

  • Select desktop resolution

** **

** **

  • GRUB boot loader is installing

** **

** **

  • Remove the installation DVD, as the installation has finished

** **

** **

  • Reboot to start your Ubuntu Studio system

** **

** **

  • Log in with the new username and password

** **

** **

  • This is how your desktop will look

** **





Installing with USB Drive might get buggy, as this type of installation does not work with UNetbootin. Follow the given steps to complete the installation with USB Drive:


  • Download the image and use software like Universal USB Installer to start the process.
  • Set your BIOS to boot your USB stick.
  • Follow the similar instructions as above.


Ubuntu Studio is a very beautiful and interactive multimedia application that will give you an extra edge to perform flawless editing of your photos and videos with ease.


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