Manjaro Linux 16.10 Fringilla Released

In a previous post we announced the updates of the rolling distribution Manjaro Linux, but as it seems the update, upgrades the system in to the edition Manjaro Linux 16.10 Fringilla. The edition of Xfce remains the default desktop administrator and according to the post announcement of Manjaro Linux 16.10 not a few can claim to offer such an integrated and innovative experience Xfce.



So, the new distribution comes with Xfce 4.12 and there is a new theme Vertex-Maia. The KDE edition coms with Plasma 5.8 desktop in compilation with all the previous applications of KDE.


Updates: Plasma 5.8.2, Firefox 49.0, Nvidia 370.28, LibreOffice 5.1.6, Systemd 231, Octopi 0.8.5 και Pamac 4.1.5. Calamares comes in edition 2.4.3.



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