Fedora 25(Beta) resets Linux performance bar

Fedora 25 beta version released this month by Red Hat. This release gives more to cloud and developer features which makes this Linux distribution more attractive to enterprise users. Fedora Linux is the version of Enterprise Linux(RHEL), and it includes a set of base packages that form the basic foundation of: Cloud, Server and Workstation. Each one of those targets a different group of users.




Fedora 25 Targeted Users

So Fedora 25 release is most likely for enterprise users. It’s a place that you can shape things as Fedoras Miller told. He also said that enterprise users with specific needs can come to Fedora, and make them real. Also, the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds announced his preference for Fedora over some other distributions.


Fedora 25 Revealed

The developers of Fedora have followed a Fedora.next initiative over the last few years. That created 3 different Fedora Editions, which can target 3 different user groups as mentioned before.

Fedora Workstation: For software developers that use Linux.

Fedora Server: For small business and home users that want an easily managable Linux server.

Fedora Cloud: According to Miler ” it’ s designed for users looking to run containerized applications in a scaled-out environment”.

Fedora 25 Key Changes

One of significant change is the Fedora Media Writer.  This is a multi platform tool that can be used by users when the want to make their own bootable USB. It’s available for Windows, OS X and obviously Linux.

The server edition of Fedora 25 is build with security enhancements.


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