Released: Lumina Desktop 1.1

This weekend, a new version of Lumina got released, Lumina Desktop 1.1 . Lumina is a lightweight Qt-based desktop environment. It uses an approach “plugin based” to the whole interface, and this is allowing the user to tune and tweak the desktop according to his personal needs and preferences. You can install it in almost any Linux distribution even though the developer says that it works best with TrueOS, including also Fedora, Arch and ofcourse Ubuntu.


Lumina 1.1 – What changed

The new update is considered significant. It has fully re-built utilites and also improvements to the basic infrastructure. Lemens Insight File manager is benefited from most of the changes, because now it can pick up a Git meny (it requires for Git to be installed locally) and it can clone and view a Git repo.

More changes in Lumina 1.1

  • Start-lumina-desktop utility
  • Reworked app list detection
  • Textedit app gains simpler find/replace options and improved syntax highlighting, etc.
  • New “lumina-calculator” app

If you’re interested to see the every single detail that changed with Lumina 1.1, also compared to its previous releases you can check the Lumina website.

Lumina 1.2 release date is not known.


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