Fotoxx 16.10 released with GTK API changes in Ubuntu 16.10

Fotoxx 16.10 Photo Editor had recently been released, and this comes with numerous bug fixes and improvements. This latest release appears to be more focused on improving Fotoxx startup speed, galleries display dpeed and many others.


Fotoxx 16.10 Highlights

  • Compensate GTK API changes in Ubuntu 16.10.
  • Keys F1 (= help) and Escape (= cancel) were made consistent in all dialogs.
  • The Select Hairy function and user interface were improved somewhat.
  • The image search function saves its output to the album Search Results (preserve search results when subsequent actions replace the gallery).
  • Batch Add/Remove Tags: the user interface was extended to make it easier to choose from existing tags or create new tags as needed.

How to Install Fotoxx 16.10 on Ubuntu 16.10

<pre>sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi fotoxx-16.10-x86_64.deb


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