Fotoxx 16.09 released with faster galleries display

Fotoxx 16.09 Photo Editor had recently been released, and this comes with numerous bug fixes and improvements. This latest release appears to be more focused on improving Fotoxx startup speed, galleries display dpeed and many others.


Fotoxx 16.09 Highlights

  • Fotoxx startup is much faster when there are few new image files to index.
  • Huge galleries also show much faster
  • Batch Convert: output file names may now contain photo dates taken from EXIF.
  • New command line parameter -home: multiple image collections, managed separately.
  • Index Image Files: The image index file is automatically converted to a new high performance format with this release.
  • User Options: New parameter image index level. The index process at startup can be bypassed when Fotoxx is started by Nautilus or other file manager, making startup very fast.
  • User Options: The option show last version only has extended functionality.
  • Copy to Desktop: New menu and popup menu.
  • Thumbnail Popups: Expanded user interface for manipulating thumbnail popup images.
  • OSM Map Menus: New capability to specify an alternative internet map source
  • See changelog for more details

How to Install Fotoxx 16.09 on Ubuntu 16.04

sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi fotoxx-16.09-x86_64.deb

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