Vivaldi 1.3 with support for tab hibernation and enhanced privacy

Vivaldi 1.3 had just been released and its been tagged “the most customizable browser and most colorful”. Vivaldi version 1.3 comes with custom themes, improved mouse gestures, enhanced privacy and much more. More specifically for Linux users, the tab hibernation now works as it should, and some proprietary media embedded in HTML5 content can now be enjoyed in Vivaldi on Linux without problems.


Vivaldi 1.3 Highlights

  • [Linux] Certificate details fall of screen if URL bar is at the bottom (VB-15464)
  • [Linux] Make H.264, AAC and MP3 work more reliably on Ubuntu and derivatives: accept more versions of chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra (VB-19573)
  • [Linux] Middle clicking on home and reload buttons pastes selection (VB-20098)
  • [Linux] Support H.264, AAC and MP3 on OpenSUSE and Slackware if suitable libraries are available: Use libs from chromium-ffmpeg and AlienBob’s Chromium package (VB-17174)
  • [Linux][URL] autocompletion overwrites clipboard content (VB-5437)
  • [Linux][URL] Middle clicking tab also paste in url field on linux (VB-18887)
  • [Linux][Tabs] Enable support for tab hibernation (VB-19406)
  • [New feature] Add support for customisable UI themes (VB-12726)
  • [New feature] Middle click to navigation buttons (Home, Reload, Back, etc.) opens in new background tab (VB-16771)
  • [New feature] Allow Speed Dial as homepage (VB-10491)
  • [New feature][Gestures] Adding to list of mouse gestures commands: Scroll Top, Scroll Bottom, Scroll Page Up, Scroll Page Down (VB-18639)
  • [New feature][Privacy] Allow the disabling of IP broadcasting setting for WebRTC
  • [New feature][URL] A setting so that search suggestions work only when using search engine nickname (VB-19129)

See changelog for full release details

Install Vivaldi 1.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 and Derivatives

32bit OS

wget -O vivaldi-snapshot_i386.deb

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot_i386.deb

sudo apt-get install -f


64bit OS

wget -O vivaldi-snapshot_amd64.deb

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot_amd64.deb

sudo apt-get install -f

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