Squid 3.5.20, Open Source Proxy Server released

Squid 3.5.20 recently released, is an open source, full-featured and high-performance web proxy cache application that can be arranged hierarchically for an improvement in response time and a reduction in bandwidth usage.

squid cache proxy

Squid 3.5.20 Changelog

  • Fix icons loading speed.
    • This bug had the annoying result of making Squid startup or restart very
      slow. All installations should see a few seconds shaved off startup and
  • Do not allow low-level debugging to hide important/critical messages.
    • Due to the way debugging log records were produced in previous Squid it
      was possible for some important or critical messages containing
      complicated mesage to become hidden.
    • Please note that if this version suddenly starts reporting high level
      errors previously unseen it may not be a regression, but simply that you
      were not seeing them before.
  • Support unified EUI format code in external_acl_type.
    • Squid supports %>eui as a logformat specifier, which produces an EUI-48
      for IPv4 clients and an EUI-64 for IPv6 clients. This adds that format
      specifier for use in the external ACLs format.
  • Fixed ConnStateData::In::maybeMakeSpaceAvailable() logic.
    • This hopefully resolves some nasty performance behaviours with large
      objects where Squid would eventually degrade down to a slow speed
      sending many small packets.

See the ChangeLog for the full list of changes in this and earlier releases

Download Squid 3.5.20

  • http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.5/
  • ftp://ftp.squid-cache.org/pub/squid/
  • ftp://ftp.squid-cache.org/pub/archive/3.5/
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