How To Install Krita 3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

Krita 3.0 had been released and this is a really big release: animation support integrated into Krita’s core, Instant Preview for better performance painting and drawing with big brushes on big canvases, ported to the latest version of the Qt platform and too many bigger and smaller new features and improvements to mention!.

krita 3 rc1_4

Krita 3.0 Highlights

  • Animatable raster layers – Animated raster images with frames, and use the time-line docker to order them. Works in all color spaces and depths as well!
  • Onion skinning – This allows you to have an overlay of the previous and next frames, an important assistant when going from rough animation to smooth animation!
  • Importing image sequence – Import any set of images as an animated layer, automatically sorted by naming scheme.
  • Exporting image sequence – Export the whole animation as an image sequence, for further processing in other programs.
  • New dockers – timeline docker, animation docker, and animation workspace
  • CSV import and export – for layered animation, for use with TV-paint, or Blender via a plugin, courtesy of Laszlo Fazekas
  • Spriter scml exporter – Make the base image in Krita and then export it to this powerful cut-out animation tool for games.

See release notes for full list

Install Krita 3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 and Derivatives

Download the Linux appimage file

krita 3 rc1_1

Right-click on the file and click properties. Click on Permissions tab and check the box to make it executable

krita 3 rc1_2 krita 3 rc1_3

Then run the file as it does not require any installation

krita 3 rc1_4

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