VLC 2.2.3 released with fix to maximizing Window in multi-screen context

VideoLAN and the VLC development team has released VLC 2.2.3, a new maintenance build for the stable 2.2 series of their popular, cross-platform, and open-source VLC Media Player software for all supported platforms. A notable fix in this release is fix to resume where you left off.


VLC 2.2.3 changelog

  • Demux:
    * Fix HLS quality selection and a potential stack overflow
    * Fix potential MKV infinite loop and improve MKV tags support
    * Fix WMV regression
  • Decoder:
    * Fix hardware decoding with libvdpau-va-gl
    * Fix crashes with libvpx
    * Use libass without caching dialog
  • Video Ouptut:
    * Fix green lines on Direct3D output
  • Skins2:
    * Fix maximizing Window in multi-screen context
  • Qt:
    * Fix resume where you left off
    * Fix infinite recursion in the customize dialog
    * Fix size when switching to/from the minimal interface
    * Fix size after resume toolbar is displayed
  • MacOS X:
    * Fix crashes in media information panel
    * Correctly respect the disable-screensaver option
  • Win32:
    * Allow opening more than 15 elements in Explorer
  • Translations:
    * Update of most translations

Download VLC Media Player 2.2.3 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.


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