Fedora 24 default wallpaper announced

Sirko Kemter a member of the Fedora project design team yesterday announced the winners of the wallpapers community activity that is expected to be included in the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system, which is due for release in June 7, 2016. Note that Fedora 24 Linux operating system is still currently in the development stage.

“Each release, the Fedora Design team collaborates with the Fedora community to release a set of 16 additional backgrounds to install and use on Fedora. The Fedora Design team takes submissions from the wider community, then votes on the top 16 to include in the next release.

Voting is now closed on the supplemental wallpapers for Fedora 24. The results are available for all to see on the wallpaper voting app. In the Fedora 24 cycle, the Fedora Design team received 133 valid submissions from many existing and new contributors to supplemental wallpapers” said Sirko Kemter in the announcement

Preview of 16 selected Wallpapers

fedora_1 fedora_2 fedora_3 fedora_4 fedora_5 fedora_6 fedora_7 fedora_8 fedora_9 fedora_10 fedora_11 fedora_12 fedora_13 fedora_14 fedora_15 fedora_16


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