Vivaldi 1.1 released with enhanced tab handling, better hibernation and more!

Vivaldi 1.1 had just been released today, and this release comes with more tab handling options. You can select opening behavior on cloned and stacked tabs. You can close all other tabs by holding Alt and clicking on the tab close button or via Quick Commands.


  • You can further adjust tab activation options upon closing a tab. For instance, you can choose whether to automatically activate the tab to the right or left.
  • Hibernation was also made even better. You can now choose to hibernate an entire Tab Stack. You can also select to hibernate tabs by Ctrl or Shift clicking on the tab.
  • Vivaldi also updated to Chromium 50, which brings in the latest standards support
  • Add an option to select opening behavior on clone tab and stacked tab: Cloned, popup or Ctrl/Shift clicked tabs open in stack by defaultVB-11537
  • Close other tabs when holding Alt and clicking tab close button or via context menu and quick commandsVB-15157
  • Add more tab activation options on closing a tab: e.g. the possibility to activate the tab to the left or rightVB-12674
  • Add the possibility to hibernate/Close Tab Selection: selection can be made by Ctrl or Shift clicking tabsVB-15037
  • Add setting to disable the URL Dropdown
  • Open selected (Ctrl or Shift) bookmark(s) with Enter keyVB-14381
  • Add possibility to hibernate tab stackVB-13209
  • Add possibility to import Speed dials from Opera 12VB-15036
  • [Windows] Vivaldi steals focusVB-1470
  • [Linux][Mac] Add missing setting to switch the Vivaldi UI language as on WindowsVB-15885
  • Faster Tab Stack Creation

See changelog for full release details

Install Vivaldi 1.1 on Ubuntu OS and Derivatives:

32bit OS

wget -O vivaldi-snapshot_i386.deb

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot_i386.deb

64bit OS

wget -O vivaldi-snapshot_amd64.deb

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot_amd64.deb

Install Vivaldi 1.1 on CentOS

32bit OS

wget -O vivaldi-snapshot.i386.rpm

sudo rpm -i vivaldi-snapshot.i386.rpm

64bit OS

wget -O vivaldi-snapshot.x86_64.rpm

sudo rpm -i vivaldi-snapshot.x86_64.rpm
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