Budgie Remix 16.04 RC1 released

Budgie Remix Desktop 16.04 RC1 recently released,  is designed with the modern user in mind, it focuses on simplicity and elegance. A huge advantage for the Budgie desktop is that it is not a fork of another project, but rather one written from scratch with integration in mind.


Budgie Remix Changelog since beta 2

  • Revised installer options – direct installation on non-efi installs is hidden
  • Updated Ubiquity Slideshow
  • TLP, GNOME Calendar added as default applications
  • Plank Dock is added by default. Icon-Tasklist applet not displayed by default
  • budgie-xfdashboard removed as a default application – can be installed manually
  • Clock centered on panel
  • Vertex Themes added as an option – choose from Raven.
  • Plank Dock can be Arc or Vertex themed – choose from Plank Preferences
  • Wireless popup dialog now visible when network-manager attempts to connect
  • Home folders correctly rename when changing to a non-english locale
  • Pop-up notifications now visible.
  • Plymouth fallback correctly displays “budgie-remix”
  • Display budgie logo for desktop-session

Known Issues

  • Fails to install on languages other than English (its believed this is a ubiquity bug). There is a known issue with the installer which often fails when you choose any language other than english. Install first in English and change the locale afterwards.
  • sifr iconset is not always the default for libreoffice on install
  • VirtualBox users you’ll need to install virtualbox guest additions


  • Dual core/2 virtual core processors, 2Gb RAM

Some Hidden Features

  • Dashboard: Press CTRL+TAB
  • Raven: Super/Win+N
  • Start Menu: Super/Win key
  • Quick App: ALT+F2

Download Budgie-Remic Now

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