Opera 36 Beta – Build 36.0.2130.21 Update released

Opera 36 Beta – Build 36.0.2130.21 update recently released, is focused on stability. You won’t notice any revolution here – it’s more like fixing minor nuisances, and all of them internal. Also, Chromium has been updated to 49.0.2623.54.

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Opera 36 Beta – Build 36.0.2130.21 changelog

  • DNA-48102 Scrolled position is reset after clicking/focusing the news page
  • DNA-48854 [Tools] Context menu in History/Tabs section doesn’t have proper content
  • DNA-48860 [News on SD] News images are not loaded when they get in view as a result of vertical resizing
  • DNA-49119 Fullscreen domain toolbar doesn’t appear on Windows
  • DNA-49176 Holding Shift and try to drag fixed tab crashes Opera
  • DNA-49214 Error pages show [Object object] in error summary
  • DNA-49218 Missing support for no theme in WebUIs
  • DNA-49255 [SP] Transitioning to history component is jerky
  • DNA-49277 Fix no-theme design for other WebUIs
  • DNA-49328 [News on SD] No additional News images or impressions on resize, when scrollTop is 0
  • DNA-49329 Theme being previewed from addons lacks no-overlay style
  • DNA-49332 Issue with enabling/disabling advanced settings and config panel in the start page
  • DNA-49334 Fix the height of the theme picker, so that the layout doesn’t shift once themes are loaded
  • DNA-49371 [news on SD] read articles are not marked as such in background tab
  • DNA-49374 Click-to-play setting isn’t respected without Turbo engaged
  • DNA-49384 Checkbox doesn’t reflect changing selected theme in theme selector component
  • DNA-49462 Extension icons should be excluded from content verification irrespective in whatever case they are used(not only in the same case as manifest.json)
  • DNA-49494 Bookmark Manager doesn’t reflow on resize
  • DNA-49496 chrome://startpage/private not loaded when opening new private window
  • DNA-49543 Country dependent theme not working
  • DNA-49552 Don’t double count articleImpression
  • DNA-49590 chrome://startpage/private shown only with –disable-preload-startpage when opening new private window
  • DNA-49598 [Linux][Tools] Opera:settings does not load
  • DNA-49611 Hints showing policy is too irritating
  • DNA-49761 Navigation expander doesn’t work when news-on-startpage is disabled

Install Opera 36 Beta – Build 36.0.2130.21 on Ubuntu OS

32bit OS

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra gdebi

wget http://deb.opera.com/opera/pool/non-free/o/opera-beta/opera-beta_36.0.2130.21_i386.deb -O opera-beta_i386.deb

sudo gdebi opera-beta_i386.deb

64bit OS

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra gdebi

wget http://deb.opera.com/opera/pool/non-free/o/opera-beta/opera-beta_36.0.2130.21_amd64.deb -O opera-beta_amd64.deb

sudo gdebi opera-beta_amd64.deb
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