Mozilla Firefox Web Push launched

With the recent release of Firefox 44, a new feature called Web Push was introduced. The web push feature allows your web browser to notify you when something important happens, even if you didn’t have the site open? Maybe you’ve got an incoming WebRTC call, an instant message, or a financial update. Perhaps your city just declared an emergency snow plowing schedule.

Sometimes you just want to know when something happens.

What does Web Push look like?

As long as your browser is running, it can receive notifications from websites, even without having that site open. This means you can close your email tab and still find out when a new message arrives. That’s a huge win for memory usage, performance, and battery life.

Notifications from websites are indistinguishable from native notifications, and Mozilla’s Service Worker Cookbook has several live demos where you can see this for yourself.

Screenshot of a Push Notification on Mac OS X

Much like with geolocation or webcam access, Web Push requires explicit, revokable permission before a website can show notifications to a user.

Screenshot of the in-browser Push Notification permissions prompt

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