Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Is Officially Released

Ubuntu Phone OTA-9 has arrived and available to all supported devices that run the stable channel image. This includes the Meizu MX4, Nexus 4 and Bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition (among others). This latest update comes with a number of new features and bug fixes.


This list is only a highlight of the few changes available in this update.

Important features

  • New 15.04.3 framework
  • Media-hub exposure of mpris playlist support
  • Update the bluetooth stack to Bluez5
  • Media consumption (audio) in scopes
  • Smooth refresh of scopes
  • Custom ringtone support
  • Sound notification on low-battery state
  • Download of arbitrary file types in the webbrowser-app
  • Convergence changes for the ubuntu-ui-toolkit


  • Camera fixes for proper resolution support
  • Location-service improvements
  • Better translation coverage
  • Performance boosts, improvements with regards to UI hangs

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