Wine 1.9.1 released with fix to 64-bit StarCraft II v3.0 client which crashes immediately on startup

Wine 1.9.1 recently released, comes with a few more deferred fixes, Support for debug registers on x86-64, More Shader Model 4 instructions, Support for the Mingw ARM toolchain, and fix to 64-bit StarCraft II v3.0 client which crashes immediately on startup.


Wine 1.9.1 Changelog

  • GetLargestConsoleWindowSize() should not return hard coded constants
  • Geoplan / Geospace popups cannot be accepted or dismissed
  • Internet Explorer 3.01 crashes on some web pages (unimplemented function ole2disp.dll16.VARIANTINIT)
  • Windows utility ‘relog.exe’ crashes on unimplemented function ‘pdh.dll.PdhGetLogFileTypeW’
  • Before You Know It crashes
  • Drag & Drop doesn’t redraw on Stars! 2.60b
  • OCCT Perestroïka needs hal.dll.READ_PORT_ULONG
  • ieframe/tests/intshcut.c: Uninitialised value in test_ReadAndWriteProperties
  • ieframe/tests/intshcut.ok: uninitialized value in PersistFile_Load, found during test_ReadAndWriteProperties
  • Office 2010 SP1 & SP2 installers report failure
  • KODAK Share button app wants SETUPAPI.dll.SetupDiSelectBestCompatDrv
  • Clones (game) crashes when starting a single-player game (without native d3dx9 libraries)
  • wineconsole: Ignores height/width window size specified in program’s external configuration file
  • [EA Origin]Pictures don’t display correctly with Wine set to win7
  • AkelPad 4.8.4 crashes in Options->Plugins menu
  • valgrind shows several leaks in msxml3/tests/domdoc.c
  • valgrind shows several leaks in msxml3/tests/saxreader.c
  • Visual Basic 6 – Listbox shows scrollbar when there isn’t any
  • 3D Ultra Pinball Thrillride: Intro movie fails to play; causes hang
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Backup/Restore Test Tool from Windows SDK 8.1 needs api-ms-win-security-lsalookup-l1-1-0.dll
  • ‘makeappx’ tool from Windows SDK 8.1 crashes on unimplemented function ntdll.dll.RtlInitializeGenericTableAvl
  • VSS Agent from Windows SDK 8.1 needs api-ms-win-security-lsalookup-l1-1-1.dll
  • SuperTux 0.3.5a crashes on startup
  • The Forest: Game fallbacks to 64 MB VRAM
  • IXMLDOMDocument::cloneNode crash
  • msvcr120.dll.nextafter is needed by Sonkwo
  • Saints Row 2 crashes on unimplemented function x3daudio1_4.dll.X3DAudioInitialize
  • 64-bit StarCraft II v3.0 client crashes immediately on startup (SetThreadContext on self with only DRx registers/CONTEXT_DEBUG_REGISTERS provided)
  • PhysX 9.15.0428 installer does not run (‘advapi32.RegOpenCurrentUser’ must return a real handle instead of ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ for user root key)
  • Unused value in CFn_WMCommand (Coverity #1225886)
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD crashes when starting a new game
  • iNode 3.6 client needs ndis.sys.NdisAllocateMemoryWithTag
  • some *-config scripts in are not crosscompiling friendly
  • Sonic Generations: Crash due to stack overflow
  • The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion issues
  • “fixme:nls:CompareStringEx semi-stub behavor for flag(s) 0x10000000” appears thousands of times in terminal when running the Lego Mindstorms EV3 software
  • Windows utility ‘relog.exe’ crashes on unimplemented function ‘pdh.dll.PdhBindInputDataSourceW’
  • UFile crashes with runtime error when rendering certain pages

Install Wine 1.9.1 on Ubuntu Linux OS

Note: PPA is not yet updated as at today

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wine/wine-builds

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine-devel

Remove Wine:

sudo apt-get remove wine-devel
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