FFmpeg 2.8.4 “Feynman” Released

FFmpeg 2.8.4 “Feynman” recently released, is the leading multimedia framework, cross-platform solution that is used to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream,filter and play any audio or video files.

ffmpeg encoder

FFmpeg 2.8.4 changelog

  • rawdec: only exempt BIT0 with need_copy from buffer sanity check
  • mlvdec: check that index_entries exist
  • avcodec/mpeg4videodec: also for empty partitioned slices
  • avcodec/h264_refs: Fix long_idx check
  • avcodec/h264_mc_template: prefetch list1 only if it is used in the MB
  • avcodec/h264_slice: Simplify ref2frm indexing
  • avfilter/vf_mpdecimate: Add missing emms_c()
  • sonic: make sure num_taps * channels is not larger than frame_size
  • opus_silk: fix typo causing overflow in silk_stabilize_lsf
  • ffm: reject invalid codec_id and codec_type
  • golomb: always check for invalid UE golomb codes in get_ue_golomb
  • sbr_qmf_analysis: sanitize input for 32-bit imdct
  • sbrdsp_fixed: assert that input values are in the valid range
  • aacsbr: ensure strictly monotone time borders
  • aacenc: update max_sfb when num_swb changes
  • aaccoder: prevent crash of anmr coder
  • ffmdec: reject zero-sized chunks
  • swscale/x86/rgb2rgb_template: Do not crash on misaligend stride
  • avformat/mxfenc: Do not crash if there is no packet in the first stream
  • lavf/tee: fix side data double free.
  • avformat/hlsenc: Check the return code of avformat_write_header()
  • avformat/mov: Enable parser for mp3s by old HandBrake
  • avformat/mxfenc: Fix integer overflow in length computation
  • See changelog for full details

Install FFmpeg 2.8.4 “Feynman” on Ubuntu Linux OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:djcj/hybrid

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
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