MongoDB 3.0.8 released

MongoDB 3.0.8 recently released, is an open-source, document-oriented database designed for ease of development and scaling. Think of MySQL but with JSON-like objects comprising the data model, rather than RDBMS tables. Significantly, MongoDB supports neither joins nor transactions. 3.1.7 is a development release and is not intended for production use. The 3.1 series will evolve into 3.2, which will be for production.


MongoDB 3.0.8 Major Changes


SERVER-21278 Remove executable bit from mongod.lock


  • SERVER-20407 findAndModify on mongoS upserts to the wrong shard
  • SERVER-20839 trace_missing_docs_test.js compares Timestamp instances using < operator in mongo shell


  • SERVER-2454 Queries that are killed during a yield should return error to user instead of partial result set
  • SERVER-21227 MultiPlanStage::invalidate() should not flag and drop invalidated WorkingSetMembers
  • SERVER-21275 Document not found due to WT commit visibility issue



  • SERVER-20303 Negative scaling at low thread count under WiredTiger when inserting large documents
  • SERVER-21063 MongoDB with WiredTiger can build very deep trees
  • SERVER-21442 WiredTiger changes for MongoDB 3.0.8
  • SERVER-21553 Oplog grows to 3x configured size

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-10512 Add scons flag to set -fno-omit-frame-pointer
  • SERVER-19755 scons should require c++11 on 3.0
  • SERVER-20699 Add build manifest to every build
  • SERVER-20830 set push and docs_tickets tasks as not available for patch testing
  • SERVER-20834 Perf tasks should only require compiling once before execution
  • SERVER-21209 PIDFILEPATH computation in init scripts fails to handle comments after values
  • SERVER-21477 3.0.7 RPMs missing for yum RHEL server versions


  • TOOLS-702 bsondump does not keep attribut order
  • TOOLS-920 mongodump issue with temporary map/reduce collections
  • TOOLS-939 Error restoring database “insertion error: EOF”


  • SERVER-8728 jstests/profile1.js is a race and fails randomly
  • SERVER-20521 Update Mongo-perf display names in Evergreen to sort better
  • SERVER-20527 Delete from the 3.0 branch
  • SERVER-20876 Hang in scenario with sharded ttl collection under WiredTiger
  • SERVER-21027 Reduced performance of index lookups after removing documents from collection
  • SERVER-21099 Improve logging in SecureRandom and PseudoRandom classes
  • SERVER-21150 Basic startup logging should be done as early as possible in initAndListen
  • SERVER-21208 “server up” check in perf.yml is in the wrong place
  • SERVER-21305 Lock ‘timeAcquiringMicros’ value is much higher than the actual time spent
  • SERVER-21433 Perf.yml project should kill unwanted processes before starting tests
  • SERVER-21533 Lock manager is not fair in the presence of compatible requests which can be granted immediately

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