GNOME 3.19.3 released with Improvement on GTK+ drag and Drop, Nautilus

GNOME 3.19.3 had just been recently released a week before Christmas. This release comes with plenty of updates, improvements and bug fixes which includes GNOME Maps now supports editing locations in OpenStreetMap, wayland: Implement DND icon hotspot API, more of the DND implementation is now handled in GDK: creating the drag window, moving the window along with the cursor, the drag cancel animation.

gnome 3.16 04

Others are:

  • Mouse – Added a notification for the multiple copy actions, and a new menu for actions on the view
  • Mouse – Force 2-finger scroll by default if available – Migrate scroll-method key to new edge-scrolling-enabled key
  • The libdbus-1 backend has been removed. dconf now always uses GDBus
  • support for g_autoptr() has been added for DConfClient and DConfChangeset

Epiphany updates:

  • Enable WebGL and WebAudio by default.
  • Add a new downloads manager.
  • Several fixes to the ad blocker
  • Add support for system-wide installed web applications.
  • Hide floating bar on mouseover
  • Allow notification requests in web applications
  • Fixes to the about:applications page.
  • Display insecure content warning on all insecure pages

gnome-shell updates:

  • Fix thumbnail scaling in window switcher on HiDPI
  • Update animated backgrounds on timezone changes
  • loginDialog: Update user list on user changes
  • Fix touch interaction on wayland

See announcement for more details

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