Mozilla Firefox 43 for Android released

Mozilla Firefox 43 for Android has been recently released on Google Play Store, and this comes with lots of improvements. This release will allow users to mark read and unread state of items in reading list panel. Also, developers added new tab audio indicator displays in tab list.

 firefox for android

Mozilla Firefox 43 for Android changelog


  • Users can now mark read/unread state of items in reading list panel
  • Tab audio indicator displays in tab list
  • Improved API support for m4v video playback
  • Updated toolbar menu to match latest Android UI designs
  • New split pane styling for History panel on tablets in landscape mode
  • Accessibility improvements for scrolling, zooming, braille, and context menus in Talkback screen reader
  • Include URL when sharing selected text from web page


  • Cross-site reading attack through data and view-source URIs
  • Privilege escalation vulnerabilities in WebExtension APIs
  • Integer underflow and buffer overflow processing MP4 metadata in libstagefright
  • Integer overflow in MP4 playback in 64-bit versions
  • Underflow through code inspection
  • Buffer overflows found through code inspection
  • Linux file chooser crashes on malformed images due to flaws in Jasper library
  • DOS due to malformed frames in HTTP/2
  • Hash in data URI is incorrectly parsed
  • Cross-origin information leak through web workers error events
  • Integer overflow allocating extremely large textures
  • Use-after-free in WebRTC when datachannel is used after being destroyed
  • Firefox allows for control characters to be set in cookies
  • Same-origin policy violation using perfomance.getEntries and history navigation
  • Crash with JavaScript variable assignment with unboxed objects
  • Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:43.0 / rv:38.5)

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