Photoflow 0.2.5 Image Editor released

PhotoFlow 0.2.5 Image Editor released early this month, is a fully non-destructive photo retouching program providing a complete layer-based workflow from RAW image development to printing. The individual layers can be activated and de-activated using the radio buttons on the right of the image. Moreover, the layers structure can be saved to disk and re-opened again via the command line.


Photoflow 0.2.5 changelog:

  • New features:
    • Freehand drawing: added brush feathering and improved painting performances. Added Ctrl+Alt+left_click mouse combination to continue last stroke.
    • Implemented first version of spline path mask – A path selection tool that creates a closed region by connecting user-defined control points with a spline curve. It also provides an optional smooth falloff edge for feathering the selection. The path selection tool is similar to the path mask in Darktable, and most of the source code is actually derived from Darktable.
      This tool is particularly useful to generate smooth layer opacity masks for local editing.
    • HSL mask: added mask inversion.
    • Lens correction: bundled LensFun version 0.3.2. This fixes a crash of the lensfun module under Ubuntu.
    • A smoothing option for the brush of freehand drawing tool, with an adjustable smoothness:
      Bug fixes:
        Clone stamp: fixed bug in region selection affecting strokes after the first one
        Fixed compilation issues under Fedora 23

Check this video tutorial to see how the new path tool works:

Here is a screenshot showing the adjustable smoothness settings for the freehand brush:

Install PhotoFlow 0.2.5 on Ubuntu Linux OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install photoflow
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