KDE Frameworks 5.17.0 released

KDE team recently announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.17.0. This release is part of a series of planned monthly releases making improvements available to developers in a quick and predictable manner.

KDE Plasma 5.5

New in this Version


  • Fix date filter used by timeline://
  • BalooCtl: Return after commands
  • Clean up and armour Baloo::Database::open(), handle more crash conditions
  • Add check in Database::open(OpenDatabase) to fail if db doesn’t exist

Breeze Icons

  • Many icons added or improved
  • use stylesheets in breeze icons (bug 126166)
  • BUG: 355902 fix and changed system-lock-screen (bug 355902 fix and changed system-lock-screen)
  • Add 24px dialog-information for GTK apps (bug 355204)

Extra CMake Modules

  • Don’t warn when SVG(Z) icons are provided with multiple sizes/level of detail
  • Make sure we load translations on the main thread. (bug 346188)
  • Overhaul the ECM build system.
  • Make it possible to enable Clazy on any KDE project
  • Do not find XCB’s XINPUT library by default.
  • Clean export dir before generating an APK again
  • Use quickgit for Git repository URL.

Framework Integration

  • Add plasmoid installation failed to plasma_workspace.notifyrc


  • Fixed a lock on the first start of the daemon
  • Moving QAction creation to the main thread. (bug 351485)
  • Sometimes clang-format makes a bad decision (bug 355495)
  • Killing potential synchronization issues
  • Use org.qtproject instead of com.trolltech
  • Removing the usage of libkactivities from the plugins
  • KAStats config removed from the API
  • Added linking and unlinking to ResultModel

KDE Doxygen Tools

  • Make kgenframeworksapidox more robust.


  • Fix KCompressionDevice::seek(), called when creating a KTar on top of a KCompressionDevice.


  • KAboutData: Allow https:// and other URL schemas in homepage. (bug 355508)
  • Repair MimeType property when using kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()


  • Port KDeclarative to use KI18n directly
  • DragArea delegateImage can now be a string from which an icon is automatically created
  • Add new CalendarEvents library


  • Unset SESSION_MANAGER envvar instead of setting it empty

KDELibs 4 Support

  • Fix some i18n calls.


  • Mark m4a as readable by taglib


  • Cookie dialogue: make it work as intended
  • Fix filename suggestion changing to something random when changing save-as mimetype.
  • Register DBus name for kioexec (bug 353037)
  • Update KProtocolManager after configuration change.


  • Fix KSelectionProxyModel usage in QTableView (bug 352369)
  • Fix resetting or changing the source model of a KRecursiveFilterProxyModel.


  • registerServicesByGroupingNames can define default more items
  • Make KMoreToolsMenuFactory::createMenuFromGroupingNames lazy


  • Add syntax highlighting for TaskJuggler and PL/I
  • Make it possible to disable keyword-completion via the config interface.
  • Resize the tree when the completion model got reset.

KWallet Framework

  • Correctly handle the case where the user deactivated us


  • Fix a small artifact of KRatingWidget on hi-dpi.
  • Refactor and fix the feature introduced in bug 171343 (bug 171343)


  • Don’t call QCoreApplication::setQuitLockEnabled(true) on init.

Plasma Framework

  • Add basic plasmoid as example for developerguide
  • Add a couple of plasmoid templates for kapptemplate/kdevelop
  • [calendar] Delay the model reset until the view is ready (bug 355943)
  • Don’t reposition while hiding. (bug 354352)
  • [IconItem] Don’t crash on null KIconLoader theme (bug 355577)
  • Dropping image files onto a panel will no longer offer to set them as wallpaper for the panel
  • Dropping a .plasmoid file onto a panel or the desktop will install and add it
  • remove the now unused platformstatus kded module (bug 348840)
  • allow paste on password fields
  • fix positioning of edit menu, add a button to select
  • [calendar] Use ui language for getting the month name (bug 353715)
  • [calendar] Sort the events by their type too
  • [calendar] Move the plugin library to KDeclarative
  • [calendar] qmlRegisterUncreatableType needs a bit more arguments
  • Allow adding config categories dynamically
  • [calendar] Move the plugins handling to a separate class
  • Allow plugins to supply event data to Calendar applet (bug 349676)
  • check for slot existence before connecting or disconnecting (bug 354751)
  • [plasmaquick] Don’t link OpenGL explicitly
  • [plasmaquick] Drop XCB::COMPOSITE and DAMAGE dependency
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