Destiny 2.1.0 Update released – Multiplayer Shooter Online Game

Destiny 2.1.0 Update recently released, is a shooter at heart and combines action and adventure gameplay to create a new evolution in storytelling, gaming and entertainment. Create and customise your character, and build your own legend with each deadly enemy you defeat in a variety of gameplay modes, a unique multiplayer experience, and new social features.

Destiny 2.1.0 update will introduce a big set of changes for all the weapons, limiting the efficiency of pulse rifles and making sure that gamers have options for the other types, especially when they engage in Player versus Player combat.

destiny bungie game

Destiny 2.1.0 Highlights:

  • The SRL event is live in the Tower until December 29th
  • Talk to Amanda Holliday to get started on Sparrow Racing Quests and Bounties
  • Race to unlock new SRL rewards
  • Check out Eververse for a new stock of items
  • Fixed some issues where the player could sometimes get stuck in a slow sprint speed
  • Players can now use charged melee attacks while tethered by Hunter’s Shadowshot ability
  • Fixed an issue where all sound was too loud across the game
  • Fixed a rare crash on Xbox One during sign on

See announcement for full details

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