Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.340.7 released with Silent Tabs For Users, Netflix support and HTML5 notifications

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.340.7 recently released, introduces a new feature, internally called “Silent Tabs For Users” — an easy way to kill annoying sounds in the browser. Support for Netflix was also added, HTML5 notifications and a bunch of bugs fixes.

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.340.7 Highlights:

Silent Tabs For Users

  • An initial implementation of the Silent Tabs had bee added, so this just adds the basic feature but there are plan to make this more power in the future

Silent Tabs For Users

Netflix support

  • Following the introduction of Proprietary (H.264/AAC and MP3) media support, extra work added to get Netflix working as wellNetflix in Chromeless UI

Tips: You might also want to switch to full screen or our Chromeless (reduced UI) mode to focus entirely on the movie, and remember to put the other tabs in STFU mode!

HTML5 Notifications

  • It is now possible for websites to send HTML5 notifications, but only after you agree

HTML5 Notifications

Known issues

  • Netflix support needs more work on Mac


  • Press ESC to cancel drag and drop.
  • Trash menu label capitalization
  • Suppress focused tab styling
  • VB-11169 Typed url dropdown blinks when clicked
  • VB-5511 One middle click should open tab previews
  • VB-3879 Shortcuts not working while a tab is loading
  • VB-9607 Implement STFU feature
  • Space was encoded as %20 in typed search history
  • VB-11204 QC should not have focus styling set to the input field
  • VB-10939 No “show button” button in vivaldi:extensions page for hidden extensions
  • VB-10876 Can’t delete bookmarks folder until a bookmark item has been deleted
  • VB-11093 Address bar search with selected engine will put typed history in the search bar
  • VB-574 Implement HTML5 Web Notifications request dialogs
  • VB-11004 Make context menu for trash folder in bookmarks and notes
  • VB-10890 Get Netflix working: Linux is still dependent on the correct FFmpeg and Chrome libs
  • VB-10943 Bookmarks buttons invisible when you set ui to dark and startpage to white
  • VB-10963 Shift Esc crashes Vivaldi
  • VB-10929 Adhere to OS X scroll direction system setting
  • VB-10911 Regression: Single key keyboard shortcuts not working
  • VB-11076 [Win][Linux] Can not execute a shortcut when focus is on the menu bar
  • Mac/dark UI blurred window controls
  • VB-11087 Enter stopped working in find in page dialog

Install Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.340.7 on Ubuntu OS and Derivatives:

32bit OS

sudo wget

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot_1.0.340.7-1_i386.deb

64bit OS

sudo wget

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot_1.0.340.7-1_amd64.deb
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