Boot Linux In Just One Second

In this years Embedded Linux Conference Europe, one interesting presentation was how-to boot Linux in just one second. Jan Altenberg of Linutronix presented how to achieve this feat of booting Linux in under one second.

Linux as we know, became one of the most popular Embedded Operating Systems. Its scalability, the real-time capabilities and the excellent energy saving functions are outstanding.


But there are still a couple of use cases where the usual power saving functions are not good enough: Automotive components usually need to be switched of for standby, because even the lowest power states of an embedded device are still consuming to much energy. But on the other hand these systems need to boot pretty fast.

The maximum cold boot time is usually limited to 400-800ms (up to a running application!!): Linux can fulfill these requirements! The video presentation will give an overview of the Linux boot process, the most effective techniques for boot time optimization and the hardware requirements for a FastBOOT system.

Using an Atmel AT91 ARM9 SoC with Angstrom Linux and NAND flash storage, the stock boot time began at 11 seconds but with simple optimizations dropped to 8 seconds and then with the extensive modifications in time dropped to around 656 ms.

More details can be found via the PDF slides

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