Picty r785 Photo Manager released

Picty r785 Photo Manager recently released, is an open-source photo manager designed to help you manage a large collection of photos. The focus is on tools to tag, organize and rearrange an image collection. Some simple editing tools are provided (using a lossless process) but advanced editing and other tasks can easily be handed off to other programs via customizable launchers, drag and drop etc.

picty photo manager

  • picty is lightweight and has a snappy interface: All the heavy lifting is done on background threads or external processes to ensure the UI never blocks. User is informed of what is going on in the background with progress notifications etc.
  • picty supports local and web-based image collections:
    • for local collections, picty uses a simple notion of a local photo collection: all of the images (jpeg, png, raw etc) in a directory including its subfolders. A database to speed up image queries is maintained in the users home folder.
    • picty can support browsing and management (online and offline) of web-based collections. Currently flickr is the only web based collection that is supported. You can tag your flickr photos while you are offline then go online and commit the changes.
    • Each picty user can have multiple collections open at once and collections can be shared by multiple users. There is a simple interface for transferring images between collections using a transfer plugin.
    • Cameras and other devices are also collections. You can browse the images on the camera just like any other collection, import a selection, or import everything.
  • on local filesystems, metadata (descriptive information) and image edits (crop, rotate, enhance) are stored in the images. To the extent possible, databases/indexes are temporary files that can be deleted without losing useful data.
  • picty has powerful search capabilities
  • picty supports plugins. The main program is relatively lightweight. UI features such as tagging, geolocation mapping are provided by plugins.

Install Picty r785 Photo Manager on Ubuntu OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:damien-moore/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install picty
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