NVIDIA Tesla 354.42 released and available for Download

NVIDIA recently announced the availability of NVIDIA Tesla 354.42 graphics update compatible with several 64-bit Windows platforms, which adds support for the producer’s new high-performance Tesla M4 and M40 GPU models.


Regarding compatibility, NVIDIA has provided three downloadable executables: one file suitable for Windows 7 and 8.1 OSes, the other targeted at Windows 10 platforms, and the last compatible with Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 operating systems.

Highlights of NVIDIA Tesla 354.42

  • CUDA 7.5
  • NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit (NvWMI) version 2.22
  • NVIDIA Control Panel: Added Tiled display support to Mosaic Pan and Scan with Confidence Monitor
    NVIDIA Control Panel->Display->Set up multiple displays->Smart clone display option.
  • 12 bit per color component support over DisplayPort
  • Display->Set up G-SYNC page
    Added G-SYNC indicator and support for windowed mode.
  • Moved the Dynamic RGB Range controls from the Adjust Desktop Color Settings page to the Change Resolutionpage.
  • Mosaic: Added reboot persistence, hotplug/unplug, and undock/dock support for notebook systems.

Download Nvidia Tesla 354.42


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