SketchUp 2016 released

SketchUp 2016 recenly released, is a very popular,CAD style appliction, 3D modeling program for applications such as architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. This latest release comes with some significant improvements to SketchUp’s inference engine. Like all of inferencing, the new functionality is always handy, but never in your way.

Key Improvements on SketchUp 2016

  • Parallel and perpendicular inference display improved, along with the ability to force the last referenced edge or plane with the down arrow key.
  • Holding the Shift key will lock any inference that is available for a tool, including parallel and perpendicular.
  • Arrow key locking now works with more tools. Each time you press an arrow key, you toggle on or off an axis lock. A quick refresher on arrow key locking:
    • Right Arrow = Lock to red axis
    • Left Arrow = Lock to green axis
    • Up Arrow = Lock to blue axis
    • Down Arrow = Lock Magenta (The first press is parallel to the referenced axis, the second press will be perpendicular).

The logic above has greatly expanded the options for inferencing within tools like Circle and Rotate. One big upside here is that you shouldn’t have to create as much reference or construction geometry. For example, prior to SketchUp 2016, it was often necessary to use guides or edges to position the center of the protractor for the rotate tool. In 2016, it’s possible to lock the protractor orientation to a surface orientation with the Down Arrow key, then find the intersection of two edges for placing the protractor center.

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