ownCloud 8.2.1 released with lots of improvements

ownCloud 8.2.1 recently released, is theĀ first maintenance release of their open-source ownCloud 8.2 self-hosting cloud server solution for GNU/Linux operating systems. This latest release comes with a number of improvements andĀ bug fixes.


ownCloud 8.2.1 Updates:

  • Sharing improvements:
    • Show path to file in error message about sharing with owner
    • Replaced error numbers with details in the sharing error message
    • Fix pagination on public link share page
    • Deal with NoUserException in sharing code
    • Fix cannot change share info after switching sections
    • Fix changing expiration date of shared link breaks password
    • Various other fixes
  • Performance improvements:
    • Optimize multiple shared locks for a single process
    • Don’t lock if we’re only reading cache metadata
    • Escape like parameter in cache operations
  • Storage improvements:
    • Improve dealing with Dropbox and Google Drive
    • Moving files makes them disappear (SWIFT object store)
    • Transactional file locking database backend warning is only shown when there is another warning.
    • Don’t lock /$user/files
    • Include the final update in the transaction when moving a folder in the cache
    • WebDAV MOVE on a non existing file results in Internal Server Error #20069
    • Catch all exception if table doesn’t exist #19884 #19893
    • Various other objectstore fixes
  • Usability and UI:
    • Made error message about file not found more specific in federated sharing
    • Improved CSS, fonts, text color on various buttons, login screen, menu and settings
    • Hide strength indication after password change and hide notifications after time-out or on delete
    • Fixes to inconsistent language and translation support, show language code for unknown languages
    • Fix icons for share/public folders, fix spinner positions in share tab
    • Close user menu when clicking on other menus
    • Sidebar fixes and hiding sidebar for trashbin view
    • Move alt text for favorite action to image
    • Sidebar should not open, when renaming a file on mobile
    • Do not register sidebar panels when no sidebar
    • Update process: state which step we are going to start and warn if it might be slow
  • User Management and LDAP fixes:
    • LDAP fixes for quota, user mapper, initial user creation and connectivity
    • Fix group admin settings, group assignment when group name is a number
    • Enable proper CardDAV cookie authentication
  • Documentation, reliability and stability fixes:
    • Expose syslog tag in the configuration
    • Update list of deprecated methods (documentation)
    • Fixes to text editor
    • Fixes to activity app
    • Create several repair steps in update process to clean up shares
    • Update certificate bundle
    • Fix multiple issues for IE 8 and 9
    • Memcache warning with memcached
    • Fix File versioning with encryption
    • Update the unencrypted size for versions
    • Fix mtime PROPPATCH to be “lastmodified” instead of “getlastmodified”
    • Make sure that remote shares use the correct uid casing
    • Variables don’t have a class, so we can’t use toString() on it
    • Use IRequest’s `getScriptName` functionality instead of $_SERVER
    • Don’t trigger the scroll event of every single item we filter in the file list

Download: owncloud-8.2.1.tar.bz2 or owncloud-8.2.1.zip

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