Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Update released for Ubuntu Phones

Canonical in the past few months have been working day and night on the Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 update release for its Ubuntu Phones. It is understandable that lots of updates will be expected in the coming weeks and months as Canonical is doing its very best to have a final stable OS for its mobile phone OS.

ubuntu touch ota-8

While OTA-8 update is scheduled for release in the coming days, Canonical had began working on Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 update, which is expected to update the Web Browser App and add support for Thai fonts.

Important features

  • New 15.04.2 framework, UITK offering new PageHeader component
  • New twitter scope, new book aggregator scope
  • Sound controls in the sound indicator (Play, Pause)
  • QtPurchasing based in-app-purchases
  • Webbrowser:
    • Media access permissions for sites
    • Top level bookmarks view
    • Thumbnails and grid view for Top Sites page
  • Buteo used for contact sync
  • Location service velocity and heading information
  • OTA version numbering now visible in system-settings (e.g. OTA-8)
  • Completely re-designed weather-app
  • Porting core-applications to UITK 1.3


As we know, each release includes a huge number of bugs – some for previous issues and some for new regressions introduced in-between. To see the overall list of what issues got fixed, please check the detailed changes below. The interesting ones are as follows:

  • Performance fixes for various components (e.g. messaging-app, SDK components)
  • Fixes to location accuracy
  • Reduced power use when there is no network connection
  • Call ringtone will play on speakers with headphones connected
  • Fixes to reduce some of the UI hangs due to dbus traffic
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