Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 Linux released with KDE Plasma update

The Netrunner Team recently announced the release of Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 Linux – 64bit version. (Note that the 32bit version currently remains at 2015.09). Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 has been updated with packages from KDE Plasma and KDE Applications.

Netrunner Rolling - 1 Netrunner Rolling - 2 Netrunner Rolling - 3 Netrunner Rolling - 4

Other Updates:

  • The desktop is at Plasma 5.4.2 together with KDE Applications 15.08.2 and many more applications and libraries updated to their latest versions.
  • Firefox with built-in Plasma-support is at 42.0.
  • Gmusicbrowser and Pidgin now fully integrate into Plasma 5’s new systray.
  • Calamares received several minor fixes with 1.4.2 and offers an easy way to use the same user-password also as root-password.
  • Also with calamares, you can pick and replace an already occupied partition easily, so you can keep one partition with your favorite OS and re-use another partition to try and test anything else without cluttering your hard-disk further.
  • The “Look and Feel” settings page now features 2 LNF Themes of Netrunner, so switching between different styles is much easier now while still allowing for customization in full detail. Choose one of the 4 styles under Look and Feel.
  • Rolling 2015.11 also comes with a full new set of wallpapers covering a range of different colors and styles.
  • Kamoso has been updated to Version 3.0 and replaces cheese for capturing webcam images or videos.
  • New desktop theme
    • Linux Kernel 4.2.5
    • Plasma 5.4.2
    • Frameworks 5.15 (using Qt5.5.1)
    • KDE Applications 15.08.2
    • LibreOffice 5
    • Virtualbox 5
    • Kontact 5
    • Firefox 42.0
    • Thunderbird 38.3
    • Gmusicbrowser 1.15
    • VLC 2.2.1
    • Kamoso 3
    • and many more…

Download Netrunner ISO

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