Calibre 2.44 released with new features and bugfixes

Calibre 2.44 recently released, is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. This latest release fixes the Amazon metadata download, due to website change at that prevented ratings from being downloaded.

Calibre 2.44 changelog

New Features

  • Allow setting the cover for a book from one of the book’s formats by right clicking on the format in the Book details panel.
  • Allow drag and drop of all file types onto the book details panel and the format list in the edit metadata dialog.
  • Edit Book: When inserting an image into the current document, add a button to paste the image from the clipboard
  • Edit Book: Change the suggested prefix for bulk renaming of files depending on the type of files being renamed.
  • On Linux, use the system tray icon from the system theme, if available

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for error when connecting to some Android phones/tablets that have an SD card on OS X and Linux
  • Linux build: Fix problem with pointing hand mouse cursor not using the system theme on some Linux systems
  • Fix the device view state not being saved when a connected device is ejected/disconnected
  • Edit Book: Fix saving fails if the original file is deleted during editing session
  • E-book viewer: When doing a search do not match text in comments, attributes and inappropriate tags, such as
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