Canonical to demo the power of Snappy Ubuntu Core on the Samsung ARM IoT

Canonical has just announced that it will be partnering with Samsung to showcase the power of Snappy Ubuntu Core on the Samsung ARM IoT (Samsung ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 modules) in this year’s ARM TechCon. The companies will demonstrate how combining Samsung ARTIK and snappy Ubuntu Core results in an easy-to-use development platform for internet-connected devices, enabling developers to lower costs and shorten their time to market.

Snappy Ubuntu Core

ARTIK is a family of modules tailored for the Internet of Things (IoT). With a tiered architecture built for performance, optimized power consumption, and memory utilization and footprint, ARTIK is designed specifically for a variety of applications, from low-end wearable to powerful hubs with local processing and analytic.

For this demo, ARTIK will be running snappy Ubuntu Core, a lightweight version of Ubuntu featuring transactional updates and designed specifically for devices and clouds. Snappy Ubuntu Core enables developers to write apps once and deploy their offerings across a host of devices. It also supports a variety of languages and allows existing apps and code to be ported seamlessly. Plus, it’s easy to maintain once apps are developed. Transactional updates make it easy to upload new versions, and app isolation ensures no library conflict.


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