Why On Earth Would I Want To Talk To My Computer?

I recently stumbled upon a blog post and felt its worth sharing with my audience. So as the topic says “Why On Earth Would I Want To Talk To My Computer?”. Well with the recent advancement in technology and most especially “Artificial Intelligence”, there is nothing impossible for Science not to achieve apart from breathing life to a cloned human :).


With the amount investments the likes of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have invested in M, Now, Siri, Cortana and Echo respectively, we are now at a point where machines can be taught human language – intuitive, easy to use and natural. With natural language processing, one can have his computer scan a remote network by simply saying:

Hey, Mycroft. Run a ping sweep of and list the IPs in use.


Hey, Mycroft. Which IPs on are returning ICMP?

According to 

Here at Mycroft we are developing an open source AI that will allow anyone with an idea to develop a skill and deploy it globally. Want to make it easy for end users to get the score of the latest FIFA football game? Use our standard template to develop the skill, upload it to our repository and soon every Mycroft user on earth will be able to follow the latest from any FIFA game.

The technology to make a natural language interface is here today. We can build an interface that is intuitive, easy to use, flexible and friendly. Billions of people are using early versions on their Apple, Android and Windows devices. In the future these interfaces will be an important part of any modern consumer operating system in much the same way that the GUI became a key component in the 1980’s.


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