Ubuntu Touch’s LibreOffice DocViewer App (Powered by LibreOfficeKit) now ready for testing

Alan Pope of Canonical had just announced the availability of Ubuntu Touch’s LibreOffice DocViewer App for testing. This ‘beta’ pre-release of Ubuntu DocViewer (Powered by LibreOfficeKit) is not currently in the store. He also noted the following info:

  • Not all document types will open, and some may cause the app to crash or render incorrectly.
  • There is no Document editing function, as this is a viewer only.
  • Large documents may take a while to render, especially on low-end devices.
  • Simply place documents (.doc, .odt etc) in /home/phablet/Documents and the DocViewer should see them

Ubuntu Touch's LibreOffice DocViewer App

Known Bugs:

  • Slide navigation buttons obscured by bottom edge tab
  • Implement LibreOfficeKit document viewer capability preview
  • Use percentage for ‘goto page’
  • Implement zoom with manual mode, auto mode with zoom-fit to flickable width, bottom panel with zoom selector
  • Improved support for presentation document types
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added image provider for slide thumbnails synced with RenderEngine
  • Conditional layout for presentation view, bottom edge or side bar to show list of slides
  • Zoom controls moved to separate page head
  • Added impress support to RenderEngine
  • Fixed leak and tiles thaht stay visible even after removal
  • Fixed singleShot property not set for m_updateTimer
  • Preparation for migration of PDF plugin to tile rendering
  • Refactoring & moves CLI parser to QML
  • Switched to components 1.2
  • Fix duplicate file import
  • Updated translation template

To install one of these click packages:-

  • Attach phone running Ubuntu to a computer which has adb installed
  • Download latest click from http://people.canonical.com/~alan/docviewer to ~/Downloads
  • Open terminal
    adb push ~/Downloads/com.ubuntu.docviewer_X.Y.Z_armhf.click /tmp
    (note X.Y-Z will change over time)
  • adb shell (this will give you a “phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$” prompt on the phone in which you type the next command)
  • pkcon install-local –allow-untrusted /tmp/com.ubuntu.docviewer_X.Y.Z_armhf.click
  • Close docviewer (if open) on phone
  • In the dash on the phone, pull down to refresh the app scope, then just tap the docviewer icon.

To revert back to the current stable version of docviewer

  • Long press on docviewer icon


  • Once uninstalled, re-install by searching for “docviewer” in the store

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