Shazam a music-recognition software released a new update for Windows 10

Shazam has just released a new update for Windows 10, and you can download it free from the Windows Store. For those you may not heard of Shazam, this is an app that is best known in music-recognition technology. Shazam over the past years, is now a household for music lovers worldwide, helping them find new favorites and explore the discoveries of others. Shazam was built with the goal of connecting people to the world around them, and the app continues to take that mission to new heights.

Shazam music recognition

Some of the new features available with Shazam for Windows 10:

  • Improved Recognition: Our song identification is now faster and more accurate than ever.
  • Content Feed: You can now keep up with news, interviews, sessions, videos and new releases from the artists you love. Great content on your Shazam home screen is driven by your past Shazams and your Facebook friends.
  • Windows Store Music Links: If you like a song you discovered, you can now access it directly from the Windows Store.
  • Cortana Support: No time to press the big blue button? You can now ask Cortana to do the work for you. Use commands such as “Shazam now” or “Shazam, what’s this song?” to get the name of the song that’s playing.
  • Live Tiles: Live Tiles will now remind you of your recent music discoveries.
  • New Song Pages: Once you discover a new song, you can now see lyrics (including synchronized lyrics for many tracks), videos and recommendations.
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